Fiberday in Graz 2014

slika graz

data: 27.10.2014

categoria: infosphere

Eravamo presenti al simposio internazionale su costruzioni in fibra - accessi in banda lagra -NGA, a Graz 23.10.2014

Why everyone says FTTH is too expensive for rural areas?

  1. Infrastructure investments are not meant for fast payback!
  2. If someone wants to be a real infrastructure provider, then equity (like) capital must be invested (in rural areas)!
  3. Equity requires ROE, and not ROI! The inital investment must produce long term adequate return, but not repay itself (it is an investment for a long, undefined time). Equity will not be withdrawn from the operation.
  4. Fiber is misunderstood as too expensive because of improper investment source !!!


La presentazione intera la trovate sul link: Presentation Graz 23rdOctober2014-1.pdf