about us

Our mission:
Enable fiber ultra-fast broadband connectivity to rural areas.

Our vision:
Every citizen, regardless on where he lives, should have equal possibilities, not only on paper, but also in facts. This is true also for broadband fiber connectivity. We will enable this to happen by:

  • telling everyone about their rights and possibilities;
  • helping local authorities and other public bodies to undertake appropriate administrative and legal measures to boost possibilities;
  • assisting in various phases of the investment cycle, both renewing existing infrastructure and designing and building new networks;
  • efficiently operating open access networks.



  • Overall problem analysis
  • Finding different possible solutions and choosing the most convenient and adequate ones
  • Provision of all the documentation needed (ideal concept, pre-investment design, investment project identification document, ideal project, project for execution, execution works project, easement agreements, etc.)
  • Carrying-out of all the procedures needed in accordance with legislation (Electronic Communications Act, Law Amending the Law on Physical Assets of the State, Regions and Municipalities, Public Procurement Act-2, etc.)
  • Selection of contractors, turn-key execution
  • Preparation of the management model
  • Management

Our motto:
Bringing light to your homes!